Lets sell in 2018

As 2018 is here, many people are planning to bring their home to market, and commissioning valuations. However, there is a crucial step to consider between appointing a solicitor to sell your home and welcoming viewers through the door. Making your house look fresh and tidy can be challenging, particularly with children or pets, but it’s essential to maximise your home’s appeal by making it as presentable as possible.

Viewers won’t know your property the way you do, so they won’t realise the loft is floored or know about all those plug sockets hidden behind furniture. Walk around every room and make a detailed list of its good points – natural brightness, good storage, easy-to-clean flooring – which you can refer to while showing potential buyers around.

To feel homely, your house has to look like people live in it, but equally it must be tidy. If you were looking round somebody else’s property, would you want to see dirty clothes piled up in a teenager’s bedroom or scuff marks on the walls? What would you think if you did? Those little signs of neglect can cost a sale.

It’s crucial to make a home feel bright, so test every light and lamp and replace any dead bulbs – even the ones in the kitchen extractor hood. This is the time to gloss exposed woodwork, while making sure your windowsills and surrounds are up to having curtains and blinds fully open during viewings.

A lot of people do drive-by visits before they schedule viewings, so stand outside and look critically at the front of your house. What catches your eye, and how can it be improved? Fresh plants and clean windows create a positive first impression, as opposed to weeds and piles of junk. If people think your house is cared for, they’re much more likely to arrange that all-important first viewing.



SOURCE: http://blog.gspc.co.uk/2017/01/12/preparing-your-home-for-selling/

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