6 Reasons why people don’t make Wills

Do you know that nearly 60% of people in Scotland don’t have a Will?  When we realised this, we started looking at the different reasons clients and others have given us for avoiding what is probably one of the most important things anyone should do.

Before we go on, here’s an interesting fact: most people spend more time planning their holiday than they do planning for their future.

Here’s another thing: there’s no better way to get peace of mind than knowing your loved ones will be secure when the inevitable happens – hopefully many years in the future!

So, here we go, here are 6 reasons we’ve found why people don’t make a Will.

  1. It’s too morbid

This is one of the main reasons people cite for not making a Will. They think it is morbid talking about what will happen when they die. Unsurprisingly, we take a very different view. Making sure your family and loved ones are properly looked after isn’t morbid at all – it’s sensible and caring.

A Will is all about making sure everything is in place when you do, eventually, depart this mortal coil. Your loved ones don’t then have to work out who to appoint to administer your estate, spend extra money on having the court appoint someone as Executor and then relying on the law to decide who gets what.

  1. I don’t have any money or assets

Everyone has something of value or may be expecting to receive something of value in the future. An inheritance from a relative is an example of this. You have to realise that a Will is written to deal with the assets you have built up until the time of your death. This means that whatever you have right now is largely irrelevant.

  1. I’m not old enough to make a Will

Most people would say this is their main reason for not making a Wil – they say they’re going to make one but it’s just too early to do it. The thing is, none of us know how long we are going to live for. We all hope and plan to live to a ripe old age but there aren’t any guarantees that we will. You know, you really should protect your loved ones so why not think about making your Will now. It will give you and your family peace of mind.

  1. It costs too much money

Have you ever asked how much it will cost you to make a Will? It is relatively inexpensive and very affordable given the peace of mind it gives you to know that your affairs have all been put in order. If you have concerns about costs, please ask us. We’ll be happy to give you an indication of costs when you get in touch and, if you’re happy with it, we’ll be delighted to help you make your Will. Remember, it costs you nothing to ask about the costs so don’t let worrying about the costs put you off

  1. It’s too complicated

The procedure is very simple and straight forward. You tell us what your intentions are and we discuss the options with you. Once you are happy with what we’ve discussed, we set down your intentions in writing and send a draft Will to you. Once you’re happy that the Will sets out your wishes you can then sign it. There is nothing complicated in the procedure.

  1. It takes too long

We can meet with you at your convenience and can even take your instructions over the telephone. We will listen to your intentions, ask questions to clarify any points of concern and answer any questions you have. Once we have your instructions, we’ll prepare a draft of your Will and once you are happy with it you can sign it. The process is simple and straightforward and your Will can be put into place in a matter of a few days – or if it is urgent, in a matter of a few hours!

When you consider how much you spend on holidays, cars and even little things like your mobile phone, spending a few pounds to protect your family and your assets after you are gone is a very small price to pay for peace of mind.

Taking that first step is easy. Just call us on 01698 373365 or click here to email us now and we’ll help you put your Will into place and give you that peace of mind as quickly as possible.

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