Ten Top Tips for Selling!

Would you like your property sold? Only half of the properties put on the market last year actually did. Whilst we can’t do anything about the facts, we can offer you some valuable advice that can help set your home apart from the rest and give it the best possible chance of being in the half that DO sell fast in 2018.

A wise investment of time, imagination and money could make your Home more saleable, generate more viewings and add value too.

Look at your home from a purchasers eyes and please…. be honest!

Some top tips –

1 – Kerb Appeal

Is your front door a bit shabby?  Are the windows needing a coat of paint? Can the satellite dish be repositioned to be more discreet? Could the concrete path be replaced by gravel or attractive tiles? Prioritise the biggest offenders and set about transforming them.

2 – Appearance

Before the viewings begin, make sure your home is sparkling clean from top to bottom, especially the kitchen and bathroom. If needs be, have the carpets professionally shampooed, particularly if you have pets.

3 – Smell

Hanging baskets at the entrance door and fresh flowers in main rooms have a pleasant smell and lovely appearance.

4 – Entrance Hall

Make the hall entrance seem as large and as light as possible.  Leave all doors leading off from the hall open so more light floods in, and use a bright light bulb rather than a gloomy low wattage version.

5 – Rearrange the Furniture

Removing one chair in the lounge can make a huge difference to the overall size of the room.  Only one or two pictures on the wall, no bulky ornaments and less clutter lying around makes the house appear clean, brighter and well looked after. Viewers can picture themselves living there.

6 – Keep colours muted

You may love the luminous green walls inside your home, but if the prospective purchaser has a pink sofa, then the colours will clash! Consider re-painting, white or cream never offends.  Remember – if people have a choice of properties, they will go for the one that needs the least work.

7  – Gardens

Keep them Neat and tidy! Have boundaries well defined, trees trimmed, lawn mowed and flower beds weeded.  Well landscaped garden grounds make a big impact on viewers.

8 – Know Your Area Well

Your viewers will have chosen your home for a number of personal reasons, whether its near to a good school for their children, or good commuter links to their own work.  Make sure you know all the local knowledge.

9- Sort out the Legal Stuff

Have you made any alterations or extensions since you purchased your property?  Make sure you have all the necessary planning and warrants for the works carried out.  Your solicitor will require these when an offer is made on your home, and it will speed up the conveyancing transaction.

10 – Moving!

All the best for the big day – it should be plain sailing from here if you followed the first 9 tips!


Happy home moving!

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