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March 25, 2015

Ten Top Tips for Selling!

Would you like your property sold? Only half of the properties put on the market last year actually did. Whilst we can’t do anything about the facts, we can offer you some valuable advice that can help set your home apart from the rest and give it the best possible chance of being in the half that DO sell fast in 2018. A wise investment of time, imagination and money could make your Home more saleable, generate more viewings and add value too. Look at your home from a purchasers eyes and please…. be honest! Some top tips – 1 – Kerb Appeal Is your front door a bit shabby?  Are the windows needing a coat of paint? Can the satellite dish be repositioned to be more discreet? Could the concrete path be replaced by gravel or attractive tiles? Prioritise the biggest offenders and set about transforming them. 2 – […]


The abolition of SDLT for first -time buyers in England and Wales was a welcome Budget announcement. From 22 November 2017, first-time buyers will be relieved from SDLT on the first 300k paid for their property, so long as the value of the property does not exceed 500k. The measure is expected to benefit 95% of first-time buyers saving them an average of £1660 each.

In a similar move, the Scottish Government announced in it’s budget that it will be introducing LBTT relief on the first 175k paid by first-time buyers in Scotland.

Although considerably less than the SDLT relief, this is expected to cover most properties in Scotland, and will exclude 80% of first-time buyers from LBTT entirely. Additionally, as there is no upper limit on the value of the property, the tax paid by all first-time buyers will be reduced.